Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still Alive...and growing!

Remember about a month ago when I posted about my herb and vegtable garden??? Well this is an update for you all. I am sad to say that the chives did not survive. Well they never actually started. I couldn't get those babies to sprout! However everything else is just exploding!

This is my cilantro. Can you believe it?!?! Compare to here for the full effect! I think I should start eating them now. But I am not sure. How long do you let these guys grow??? Anyone know? I am clueless. Maybe I should pick a few to see if they are ready...

Oh and look at my tomoato plant! It is sooooo tall! I can't believe it! Tomato is going through puberty right now. Growing fast and tall, towering over his siblings, and his voice is starting to change too. Pretty soon he'll be headed off to college. Again compare to the last garden post. The tomato plant is the pot to the right.

So here they are. My kiddies. The cucumber plant is a bit bossy! That was surprising. It is shoving it's way around everyone. I might have to trim it a bit back, because it is now hogging all the sunlight the strawberries get. Or maybe I will just have to reposition all the plants. Ocra is short and small, but I wonder if that isn't because cucumber has overtaked the pot (they share a pot). Tomato is tall and getting taller, it out grew the tomato cage. Strawberries are short but stubborn. The basil is slow to grow and it doesn't help that there is some kind of insect that keeps taking a bite out of my 2 basil leaves >:( Now I understand pesticided! Grrr! And cilantro has an unruly mane, but I think it is ready for a trim.

There you have it. Maybe next time there will be fruit and veggies!!! I can't wait!

Flowers and 6 more to go!

May 10th marked our sith month anniversary. Jonathan said that this is the only mid year anniversary we get to celebrate :oP And to celebrate he gave me money to buy myself some flowers. Isn't he sweet? Giving me another chore to do. Just kidding. It was WONDERFUL!!!

I went to the Flower District of Orange County in Santa Ana. It really doesn't compare to the LA Flower District, but it was a great way to spend my morning. I actually had planned to go to pick up flowers for all the mothers in my family. We were having a BBQ to celebrate Mother's Day. I chose the pretty little thing below for all the moms.

But we had so many left over I got to keep some. I picked out the ranculous above and also some white tulips for myself. They were so beautiful, and they made my home look beautiful, and they made my heart smile. Six months went by in the blink of an eye. I can't believe we are half way through our first year?!?! The older I get the quicker time seems to pass. Flowers remind me to slow down, smell the...roses (or tulips). So here they are for you, to encourage you to pause and take a moment to breathe and relax, and enjoy those beautiful things in life that too often go unnoticed.

Friday, May 16, 2008

What the heck??

Okay, I confess that this post will be a rant. But I need to get stuff off of my chest too, and you are the sorry fool who started to read. Bwa ha ha...

What I want to talk about is my Christian identity. You see, I think people assume that because I am a Christian I am a conservative (you know what they say about ASSuming). It is like the two words are synonymous, and that is unfortunate. Recently I have been receiving emails that from people who assume just this.

Here is an example. The other day I was at work and a co-worker sent me an email that, in short, was demanding the immediate deportation of illegal immigrants as they are terrorist threats to our country. What ever your view of the topic is, I respect your right to that view. I respect and love the fact that my friend has the right to believe that, just as I have the right to disagree. This is a beautiful thing. But reading that email, and seeing that my friend specifically sent it to me made me wonder, "Does she even know me?" I mean, duh, my last name is one the the most elegant Spanish names EVER! And when have I ever brought up a topic like that?

Another example happened today. Today I received an email asking me to join a petition for an amendment that would reverse the ruling that allows same sex marriages in California. I promptly deleted the email, thinking again, "Hello??? Do you even know me?" I think this amendment idea is stupid! First of all, the state of California recognizes a civil union, which grants the same rights to gay couples, but denies them the title of marriage. We will let people freely choose who they are and how to live, but we will not allow them to call it marriage??? Secondly, I think denying gay people the right to marriage is saying that we think they are lesser people and don't deserve the same privileges and rights as heterosexuals. I just can't agree to that. The spirit of it feels wrong. I believe if two willing and consenting individuals are in love and want to commit themselves to each other in marriage, who am I to deny them that. It is their life, it is their choice. Again, I respect anyone else's rights to disagree with me.

But why oh why do I keep getting these kinds of emails from my friends? Is it my fault? Do I not bring these topics up enough? Perhaps. I don't like to bring these topics up in group/hang out settings. They are kinda heavy topics. I am not afraid to share my mind though, and if you are ever trapped in a carpool with me and there is a lull in the conversation I just might bring it up (just ask Josh- poor guy has had to suffer through many of my soapbox sermons). But generally I just want to have a good time, and these are loaded topics.

I think that because I am a Christian people think that means I am a conservative Republican. The thing is, most people don't fit nicely into any one box or category. I think people are lazy, myself included, and we don't take the time to truly get to know each other. And I think that people are so self-focused that we forget not everyone believes what we believe. Thank God for that! These differences are what force us to grow and progress as a species/society!

Meanwhile, I think I will just let these emails slide. Email is such a horrible medium for these topics anyway. And I respect the fact that my friends have different opinions than me. I celebrate it! Maybe one day I will get to share my own thoughts...or maybe I just did.

End Rant.