Sunday, March 13, 2011

How It Ends

Final Phase: Finished product.

I have been finished with the baby blanket for quite some time. I really like the "quilt-ish" feel of the granny squares right next to each other. I tried putting a unifying color border around each square and it wasn't working for some reason. I had worried that sewing the pieces together with white yarn would look silly, but I actually liked the contrast of the white yarn.

For those wondering, I pretty much just sewed the granny squares together. I used a large needle with a large eye and did a basic whip stitch.

I was concerned about the size of the blanket. I thought it was too small, but my friend Katie told me that she thought it was just right. She said that she still uses the small blankets made for her daughter, even though she is now almost 3 (Yikes! Time flies faster and faster the older I get). I had never thought about that before, but a smaller blanket would be easier to put on a stroller, or cover a sleeping baby with. I think you learn these practical things when you are a parent. I could prepare as much as I like, but there are things that I will never learn until I am there.

I can tell you that this blanket is the perfect size for a rambunctious, and silly terrier named Euki.

After finishing this, I wanted to make a giant version for my own bed. This always happens. I make things for other people, but rarely for myself, then want to keep it. But alas, I have to let it go. It is better that way. It means I can keep making more without stuffing my house with yarn projects I hardly use. Speaking of which, I better get back to my second "quilt"... no this one is not for me either :)