Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Foiled by a Tree

A bit of advice, if you find yourself headed to Disneyland to catch the new fireworks show "Magical" and you get there early enough to sit up near the castle, don't sit to the left of the castle (when facing the castle) because if you do you might be thinking "Man how did we score such a great spot!" only to realize that the entire fireworks part of the show takes place to the left of the castle, and it so happens there is a big ole' tree in exactly the spot where the firework fun takes place. Said tree, beautiful though it may be, blocks nearly every bit firework fun from your longing eyes as though to say, "Hey what am I chopped liver?"

Even though we missed the fireworks, I really just wanted to see Dumbo fly, he is the newest addition to the fireworks fun. He was adorable!!! He flew out while "Baby Mine" played, gently reminding him that he was safe and protected. I might have gotten teary-eyed at that part. "You can do it Dumbo. You don't need the feather. You never did." Well worth the fireworks fiasco.

Monday, August 10, 2009

T-shirt Skirt

So much for posting on a regular basis! I swear I have every intention to do so, I have no idea what happens. I mean I have the post ideas in my head and I even take the pictures for the post but somehow I find myself realizing that it has been weeks since I last posted and I want o kick myself in the pants for being such a slacker. Grrrrr!!!!

My apologies. Now to the real topic of this post. Prior to leaving for Hawaii I made a couple of skirts to take with me on the trip. I made the skirts out of old t-shirts donated by my loving husband :) I got the idea from a Thread Banger tutorial. I decided to make a four-panel skirt rather than a three-panel one as seen in the tutorial.

I don't have many sewing tools and trinkets so to make the panel patterns I cut open a paper bag and used that as my pattern paper. I measured, drew and cut out my pattern and used it to cut out the panel pieces from the old t-shirts. The tutorial is pretty good, so if you want to make one just follow along with Vanina.

Here is the front of the two skirts I made.

And the back.

It's wrinkly because I wear it all the time. So comfy!

First clothing project a SUCCESS!!!